Welcome to The Upside Down – LEGO® Stranger Things

Welcome to The Upside Down – LEGO® Stranger Things

Join the Hawkins gang as they search for Will Byers and try to solve the mystery surrounding the town of Hawkins, Indiana. Packed with authentic details, this set brings the upside-down world of Stranger Things to your home or office.


  1. Cpl.Dempsey より:

    Make a separate season 2 AND 3 sets!!!!

  2. dustin n'guyen より:

    I will never play the upside down mode. I promise mum.

  3. Gunpla builder Joseph Productions より:

    That’s so awesome

  4. Purple Star Ranger より:

    The upside down part was weird.

  5. q!owmoib より:

    Set looks amazing!!! Can’t wait to get my hands on it!

  6. pequeño tairon より:

    Se paresen mucho

  7. Ondra Nekarda より:

    I like

  8. Lucy O'Flynn より:

    I’ve never watched an episode of ST but even I ca appriacite what an amazing job they’ve done on this set and ad! Very off brand but I love it!

  9. RobloxKellyPlayz より:

    Wow thats so cool!

  10. Luis Garcia より:

    Lego idea set : power rangers hq with all of the power rangers and alpha or the mushroom kingdom with mario, luigi, peach, wario, waluigi, and 4 toads who agrees

  11. thefatboisupreme200k - YouTube より:

    1:17 The Next Stranger Things Set

  12. The LEGO Zora より:


  13. S C より:

    Next set should be Steve’s house with a swimming pool and a Barb minfig

  14. Kees Kwadijk より:

    Thank you lego!!! Great commercial

  15. LIvrai- nos より:


  16. LynX 476 より:


  17. Cameron The Hedgehog より:

    No it’s a lie I can you can’t be serious if you’re being serious I’m going to flip out and rush to the store and buy this

  18. B.E.Movies より:

    Missed opportunity for not going with 11 minifigures.

  19. ShynoCru より:

    Best commercial after bionicle

  20. ShynoCru より:

    Put it on 144, it’s worth the 80’s feel