LEGO Buzzer Building Race – REBRICKULOUS

LEGO Buzzer Building Race – REBRICKULOUS

We race against the clock (and maybe each other 😏) to build the shapes before the buzzer sounds and the bricks POP! Write in the comments below what favorite game RBKLS should try next! #RBKLS

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Meet the REBRICKULOUS Hosts:
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  1. hacker boy78 より:


  2. Mucitler Dolabı より:

    Good Race. Bravo

  3. Sintia Antar より:


  4. Funny Bunny より:

    3:39 Oh man he was so close

  5. game zone Pokemon より:

    Do a lego pokemon challenge where you have to make a pokemon in a time limited amount of time

  6. Erika Myers chewy より:

    So sweet

  7. EchoTheWorld より:

    If Lego Dimensions 2 doesn’t come out then give me Lego Sonic back

  8. Draxvid より:

    Too hard is to clean it

  9. lego video gamer より:

    My favorite game is clue

  10. Ingrid Winn より:

    Have you done little minifigure zipline? Who can make the minifig go capturing or knocking down flags along the way?

  11. Pop Ana より:

    Ok like

  12. canal de legos juegos y diversion より:

    I love Lego

  13. MRLEGO Nerd より:

    Wow I don’t know how you do such cool vids

  14. aleksandar miletic より:

    Volim lego imam ninjago i jasam tim ninje

  15. JK Dudette より:

    Make it better: Add the cup of making things harder it’s not the same without it!

  16. JK Dudette より:

    Or make a Shelama out of lego