Han Sol-UhOh – LEGO STAR WARS – Stop-Motion Story

Han Sol-UhOh – LEGO STAR WARS – Stop-Motion Story

Remember when Boba Fett left Cloud City with Han Solo trapped in carbonite in Star Wars Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back? Let’s see if there was any way our hero rebels could have saved Han!

Be inspired to tell your own LEGO Star Wars stories – The greatest battles are built by you!


  1. YoungerStachu より:

    Third xD

  2. Rares Sava より:

    Um… I don’t think Boba is weak minded…

  3. toa kaue dos santos alves より:

    What cat até you gonig to release bionicle & hero factory

  4. #ALEXwsakoeshow より:

    Мне нравится этот видос

  5. JamBrick より:

    Really cool!!

  6. Who bricks より:

    Make one with *PORGS!!!!*

  7. the SmashGamer より:

    Who made this? Brotherhoodworkshop?

  8. Ricardo stalin perez castro より:

    Like si quieren que los hagan tambien en español 🙂

  9. Samfan4 Films より:

    this is fun

  10. Airborne_Productions より:

    0:14 I’m sorry but Bobba turned his head at that moment because he heard Luke. His helmet has sound detectors and heat seekers.

  11. Topaz 13 より:

    Lego should sell legos zeppelins

    Like a wwl build set

  12. Darragh smith より:

    I would like this if there was a 501st battlepack

  13. Mac Mooney より:

    lego try to make lego star wars resistance a wing starfighters, tallie lintra‘a wing starfighter, the raddus, the bunker buster, the nebulon c frigate, the vigil, the first order dreadnought, the supremacy ship and the ski speeder with blue pieces on it from the last jedi please and do it now

  14. Abraham Carreño より:


  15. xxMasterzayxx より:

    Boba fett does not have a weak mind1:19

  16. Li’l FUTURE より:

    Hey creators of Lego how are u today? I hope u all having fun