Taking out the Trash – LEGO STAR WARS – Stop-Motion Story

Taking out the Trash – LEGO STAR WARS – Stop-Motion Story

When you’re fighting an evil, galactic empire, you need high-tech weapons, brave Rebels, the Force, and last but not least: bananas.

Be inspired to tell your own LEGO Star Wars stories – The greatest battles are built by you!


  1. Sensei Yang 2017-2019 より:

    Wow it’s a Hoth planet i love ice caves and it looks like the battle of Wizards Return Alex vs. Alex but whatever it looks amazing !

  2. Mr Egg より:

    I love LEGOOO!

  3. banshee boi 69 より:


  4. JPA Productions より:

    how do you send these to lego??

  5. Tayt2012 Gaming より:

    I love these

  6. Сатарин Александр より:

    Давайте про ниндзяго

  7. BlueBird 747 より:

    I love this

  8. Brix Genie より:

    501st battlepack!!?!?!?

  9. kail r より:


  10. DZONI CHJUMEN. より:


  11. ProGamerOne より:

    Thank you Lego

  12. Topaz 13 より:

    Should have used zeppelins

  13. Zac Drouillard より:

    love the tantative IV

  14. Iron B 509 より:

    This friday comes out “Avengers: EndGame”!
    Like if You’re Happy!

  15. Juampy より:


  16. Energetic Fox Studios より:

    This video was insanely epic. But I do not understand why they mention and advertise sets they strictly discontinued years ago.

  17. Super STAR WARS Studios より:


  18. Yakovz より:

    This guy should direct a new Star Wars movie.

  19. Tie The Lego Guy より:

    Never knew the AT-AP was there too…