Escape from Scarif – LEGO STAR WARS – Stop-Motion Story

Escape from Scarif – LEGO STAR WARS – Stop-Motion Story

The Rebels have just delivered the Death Star plans to Princess Leia on the Tantive IV, but can they escape the Empire? What the final scene of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story might have looked like…

Be inspired to tell your own LEGO Star Wars stories – The greatest battles are built by you!


  1. Erika Myers chewy より:

    Happy Easter Lego

  2. Echo304 より:

    Always will be a fan of LEGO

  3. A Strange Person より:

    19 likes 10 views I think my you tube is broken

  4. majstor svix vremena より:

    Frist like to have a special plan to use the same time and lego

  5. wakanda forever より:

    501st battle pack

  6. riolu 177 より:

    Ek diseño de esos destructores es antiguo, de los primeros que salieron, que curioso

  7. wakanda forever より:


  8. Josh gaming Harbs より:


  9. Shep 130 より:

    501st battlepack would be awesome

  10. Ostrich Brix より:

    The empire should have used the 501st battle pack. Oh, wait…

  11. mikl for より:

    По пьяне норм заходит))

  12. Energetic Fox Studios より:

    Whoever the vendor for this was, I would like to say that the work is incredible. Animation is beautiful, chroma keying, VFX and lighting were done perfectly.

  13. NLM より:

    This is why i love russia

  14. AllAroundJan より:

    0:53 teaser ship for new lego set ?

  15. Kosi Kumah より:

    LEGO, can you do Heir to the Empire?

  16. Renny The Spaceguy より:

    This set would be so much cooler if it included Rebel Friend