Battle of Naboo – LEGO STAR WARS – Stop-Motion Story

Battle of Naboo – LEGO STAR WARS – Stop-Motion Story

What if Anakin Skywalker was already Darth Vader when he was still a kid? How would he blow up the droid control ship and save Naboo? Get ready for extreme podracing!

Be inspired to tell your own LEGO Star Wars stories – The greatest battles are built by you!

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  1. Erika Myers chewy より:

    So incredible

  2. R E D Raptor より:

    I love lego

  3. nasty plays より:

    who did this!!

  4. Ferrari GT より:


  5. Paul Boehmfeld より:

    Lego Star Wars is perfect.

  6. Diego 12345 より:

    Awesome i love LEGO and this channel

  7. Loïc Nizeyimana より:


  8. Gabriel anjo Anjo より:

    Os cansaços da p*** vocês vão se f**** quem faz uma coisa dessa não tô nem aí fodas que se f*** você seu safado Malditos

  9. Arthur Curry より:

    I’ve got enough Star Wars

  10. BRICKS 'n' PIECES より:

    Well done LEGO! Awesome content! Check out mine 🙂

  11. Star Wars Theory より:

    I would watch this movie

  12. reedfilms より:

    That so smooth

  13. Ostrich Brix より:

    The voices are pretty annoying.

  14. Zack より:

    Lego stop motion is the first thing I was into when I first watched YouTube. Heck my first account was something like Legoboy with a number

  15. Kai Nuqui - Hillcrest MS (1256) より:


  16. AH Tvix より:

    Někdo odběr za odběr