Anakin’s Podracer – LEGO Star Wars – 75258 Product Video

Anakin’s Podracer – LEGO Star Wars – 75258 Product Video

A few seconds from now, in a LEGO® Star Wars™ assembly line in a galaxy not so far away (right here, actually)… Is this a creative disturbance in The Force? Or could it be the reveal of a new exclusive, collectible set? Fasten your helmet and goggles, you’re in for a dusty ride.

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    Bet you all my sets lego won’t pin this

  8. Ogee Stroid より:

    Pretty neat


    I like a lego

  10. Brock McGinnis より:

    Somethings a foot….

    • Kittycorn Rainbowpuker より:

      Brock McGinnis wanna shoutout?

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      Kittycorn Rainbowpuker Gtfo.

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      +Kittycorn Rainbowpuker This came out on april 1st, how do I know this isnt an April fools joke…..

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      Brock McGinnis I have a little sister who I adore so much. I swear on her life, I will give you a shout out. That’s the only way people know if I’m lying or not. I would never lie if I swore on my own little sister’s life.

  11. Wyatt Marlow より:

    to expensive

  12. KermitDeFrog57 ! より:

    Holy crap it comes with a new minifigure of the old minifigure

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  14. Nova Hoth より:

    Its been a while since a podracer set was issued, and it look amazing!

  15. Sonicice 24 より:

    That minifigure looks cool.

  16. Yair elam &silver ally より:

    Now THIS is podracing

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    레고 만세

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    I’m glade lego did this