LEGO Friends Character Spot 2018 Compilation – All Characters Olivia Andrea, Emma, Mia, Stephanie

LEGO Friends Character Spot 2018 Compilation – Meet Olivia, Andrea, Emma, Mia, Stephanie !

LEGO Friends character spot & names video 2018 compilation with your favourite five girls: Tech Olivia, Nature-loving Mia, Artsy Emma, Sporty Stephanie & Music Loving Andrea. Which LEGO Friends characters are you? Find more info in the description and let us know in the comments!


Olivia is a tech-savvy genius. She has invented cool new apps and gadgets to help her Friends drive like champions when their go-karts hit the tracks – and beat the competition to the finish line. She has programmed her robot, Zobo, to help her in the Creative Tuning Shop. He helps her install, test and analyze all her latest ideas and prototypes. But what works on computers is only one part of succeeding – you need a team of drivers to put the go-karts to the test in real life, too. Good thing her best Friends are always ready to help her test the tracks and come up with new ideas together!

Mia from LEGO Friends is in total control of all kinds of horse power. Whether it’s at the stables with her own horse, or in her custom go-kart on the race track, she makes the most of both worlds. Together with her Friends, she dreams of beating the competition to the starting line in the Heartlake City go-kart championship. Mia believes that winning a race shouldn’t be at the cost of Mother Nature. She has built a custom go-kart engine that turns trash into top tuned fuel! What a great way to keep tracks clean and energy green!

Stephanie from LEGO Friends has a plan. Well, she always has plans for everything she does – but when it comes to the Heartlake City go-kart championship, her plan is to help as many drivers as possible compete in the race. Vicky, the reigning go-kart champion, acts like a real menace towards all the young new drivers to scare them away from HER tracks. There is no way Stephanie is letting her get away with that! Go-kart racing is a team sport, and everyone should be able to race if they want. There is no room for bullies! And Stephanie knows just how to clear the path to victory…

Meet Andrea from LEGO Friends! If you blink, you might miss her as she zoom-zooms past you in her cool, customized go-kart with her favorite hits blasting from the giant speakers! An entertainer at heart, Andrea feels right at home on the Heartlake City go-kart race track. She knows how to keep the crowd entertained and she is determined to give them the best show ever and let her music drown out the engine noise! And is there any better way to motivate her Friends’ to work as a team than with a catchy team song? Watch out for Andrea at the finish line!

From paint tubes to go-kart blueprints, Emma from LEGO Friends turns everything she touches into shining works of art. She’s not afraid to get her hands dirty while she works. Elbow grease should be part of every artist’s toolbox! Because go-karts can’t win a race on looks alone. Even if the design is perfect, you still need a team of star drivers who are willing to work hard together to race them to victory. Leave it to Emma and her custom go-kart to find creative new ways to help her team of Friends win this race! She knows just how to give the audience at the Heartlake City go-kart championship an artistic show of racing power.

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