The Farm Cottage – LEGO Minecraft – 21144 – Designer Video

The Farm Cottage – LEGO Minecraft – 21144 – Designer Video

The new Farm Cottage set is one of the most modular yet… complete with piston-powered blacksmith’s forge for crafting your own name tags.


Welcome to the world of LEGO Minecraft! Create unique structures brick-by-brick, embark on exciting adventures, and explore the depths of every corner of your own Minecraft universe. Join us over at and on LEGO Life.

This video features 21144 The Farm Cottage.

Use your LEGO Minecraft creativity to build this exciting 2-level waterside Farm Cottage, featuring a detailed interior and a host of exterior features. Harvest wheat, carrots and beetroot, care for the baby pig and donkey, and protect your crops from the rabbits—and yourself from the skeleton! Also includes Steve and Alex LEGO Minecraft minifigures.

The Farm Cottage 21144 | Minecraft™ | Buy online at the Official LEGO® Shop US
Create a flourishing Farm Cottage!


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