Anime “Violet Evergarden” Music Video 4th version 「Violet Snow」英語Ver.

Anime “Violet Evergarden” Music Video 4th version 「Violet Snow」英語Ver.

Song: Violet Snow

“Violet Evergarden”
Starting in January 2018, the anime TV series will begin rolling out worldwide on Netflix. (Japan: Jan 2018 / Worldwide: Spring 2018)

Spell out your feelings, in order to find the meaning of love.

There is a girl who possesses no emotions.
Her name is Violet Evergarden.

In the fires of war, she searches for the meaning of a word that was told to her by the most important person in her life.
After the war she finds a job transcribing people’s emotions into words.

A letter to the only brother that survived the war

A letter from a young girl, who started working in the city, writing to her family back home

A letter filled with unvarnished love

A letter sent from those leaving to the ones left behind

The emotions contained in the letters dig deep into Violet’s heart.
This is the tale of a girl without emotions who learns the meaning of love.

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